Get to Know the Richest Countries in Europe

This presents the richest countries in Europe.

Norway has a GDP capita  of $67,619. This is the richest nation in Europe and ranks at the top 10 in the whole world. The rate of their economic increase depends on the exportation of gas.

Switzerland has a GDP capita of $56,815. Although this nation is not that famous around the world, its name is shining in the list of most richest country in the world. This country depends on import of product and they are far from agriculture.

The Netherlands has GDP capita of $48,797. Their main industry depends on machinery and high technology this is why they are far from agriculture.

Ireland has a  GDP capita of $48,786. They also depend on exports and other services within the country. They also makes use of high technology to sustain their economic growth.

Austria has GDP capita of $46,906. Tourism industry is the number 1 source of economy in the nation. Austria is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe.


Denmark has a GDP capita of $45,800. This country is strong for food productions and other services in the nation. They have a large exports of products.

Sweden has a GDP capita of $46,386. They have a large exports on Timber.

France is now the one of richest nation in Europe. They have made most of the economic increase in the continent, having a GDP capita of $41,396.It i snot surprising that this country is the riches in the world because it has a lot of business products imported all over the world.