The 10 Interesting Facts About Ancient Rome

One of the cities in Europe that I am very mush curious and seems very mysterious is the City of Rome. In my curiosity I tried to find facts regarding this ancient city and here are some interesting facts regarding this ancient city. According to legends, the Rome has founded on the 21st of April in the year 753 BC. Maybe you are familiar with the two brothers Romulus and Remus who are twin brothers, they were actually the one who founded Rome.

Accordingly, Romulus killed his twin brother and named the city after himself. There are also disgusting facts I found out regarding Europe. Romans claims that the reason for them to have white teeth is because they are using their urine as a form of mouthwash. It is also said that Roman toilets are risky that you might even die due to the reason that their toilets are exploding. In ancient Rome, they regard the gladiator blood as a form of medicine that it can cure epilepsy so they gathered the blood of the dead gladiator and drink their blood.

Romans even pull out the liver of the dead gladiator to eat. In ancient Rome, the gladiators and athletes do not use soap so men put oil into their body and scrape the dead cells using a residual. The sweat and scrapings were collected into a bottle and is being sold for women and women usually used this and rub into their for face to be more radiant and good-looking. Online marketing comes with the technique of making website traffic on your site. Many businesses today are engaging in using  SEO. This is all about website optimization to make more audience to view your business online.