The City of London, the place to find luxury and billionaires

Almost all people wanted to experience to sleep in a world class hotels and restaurant, want to drink the most finely and expensive wine, want to wear expensive and branded wears, want to have the high standard pieces of stuff or simply want to try to live a luxurious life even just for a while, all of these can be experienced in London. London is very famous for it is one of the luxurious places in Europe, this is actually the capital of England and the United Kingdom.

This is the place where most billionaires around the world want to spend their time and money. According to the Sunday Times Rich List in the year 2015, London has many billionaires who love to spend their hard earned money than any other city in the world particularly Russians and Chinese. Talking about luxury, it is here in London where we can find the most expensive cocktail that is available at Gigi’s in Mayfair worth of $11,000 made with vintage in 1990, crystal champagne and brandy from 1888 in this elder care company 照管中心.It is also here in London where you can find the Mayfair Mansion, it is the London’s most luxurious house costing 99 million pounds in the year2015.

This mansion is 21,000 square foot built in 1736 that includes a spa, leisure complex and a ballroom that fits 200 people in it, it is also being used for commercials for years, even housing for Royal Air Force’s headquarters during the World War I. This house is ranked to be the number 10 most expensive in the world. The way for your wedding to become more good when it comes to theme is the design of  dresses. Good decorations makes your wedding theme more appealing and classical look. This is what most of brides are dreaming of, so many are trying this kind of theme for their wedding.