The City of London, the place to find luxury and billionaires

Almost all people wanted to experience to sleep in a world class hotels and restaurant, want to drink the most finely and expensive wine, want to wear expensive and branded wears, want to have the high standard pieces of stuff or simply want to try to live a luxurious life even just for a while, all of these can be experienced in London. London is very famous for it is one of the luxurious places in Europe, this is actually the capital of England and the United Kingdom.

This is the place where most billionaires around the world want to spend their time and money. According to the Sunday Times Rich List in the year 2015, London has many billionaires who love to spend their hard earned money than any other city in the world particularly Russians and Chinese. Talking about luxury, it is here in London where we can find the most expensive cocktail that is available at Gigi’s in Mayfair worth of $11,000 made with vintage in 1990, crystal champagne and brandy from 1888 in this elder care company 照管中心.It is also here in London where you can find the Mayfair Mansion, it is the London’s most luxurious house costing 99 million pounds in the year2015.

This mansion is 21,000 square foot built in 1736 that includes a spa, leisure complex and a ballroom that fits 200 people in it, it is also being used for commercials for years, even housing for Royal Air Force’s headquarters during the World War I. This house is ranked to be the number 10 most expensive in the world. The way for your wedding to become more good when it comes to theme is the design of  dresses. Good decorations makes your wedding theme more appealing and classical look. This is what most of brides are dreaming of, so many are trying this kind of theme for their wedding.

The 10 Tourist Destinations in Europe with Luxurious Prices

The continent of Europe is a luxurious place and known for its high standard in all aspects. Coming in Europe for a vacation is very tough on the wallet but this experience is one in a lifetime experience. As one of the most luxurious places to travel, it would require a lot of money depending on the accommodation, food, travel expenses and other expenses. One of the tourist destination in the world same as one of the expensive cities in Europe is London, the heart of England.

This city has millions of travelers annually due to its unique cultural impact and variety of attractions. In Zurich, located in North- Central of Switzerland is also one of the expensive city in Europe which is a paradise of snow and this city is known and home for many cultural and entertainment-related events like the Zurich film festival, the techno infused street parade.Find here this great eye clinic service, more info  If you are adventurous, you can try in Copenhagen, Denmark that offers a variety of museums, art galleries, active nightlife and shopping and their Danish cuisine.

This city provides numerous restaurant where you will taste the best of Denmark. It is also here where you can find the top rated restaurant commonly known as Noma the best restaurant in the world and was published in various magazines. For more information visit here 水晶體. In French Polynesia is situated tiny string of Island nestled in the South Pacific where we can find the Bora Bora a very good place to relax, unwind and to enjoy but expected to be expensive.

The 15 Things You Didn’t Know About Queen Elizabeth

Upon hearing the word Europe, maybe the first person that comes to our mind is Queen Elizabeth II who is the primary head of the United Kingdom. Queen Elizabeth Alexandra Marie Windsor or most commonly known as Queen Elizabeth II was born on the 21st of April 1926 in London.  She is the daughter of his father Prince Albert Duke of York who was later known as King George VI and her mother is the former Queen Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon.

Queen Elizabeth II becomes Queen on the 6th of February 1952 and was crowned as the queen on the 2nd of June 1953. Queen Elizabeth II is married to Phillip Mountbatten who is a Duke of Edinburgh in the year 1947. We are also familiar of Prince Charles, the son of Queen Elizabeth who is destined to be the heir to the throne.Visit here by the help of this agency, click this website 泰雅. Queen Elizabeth is said to be the longest reigning monarch from the age of 25 and still standing for over 65 years of being the head of the state where she ranked as the 43 longest reigning monarchs.

Queen Elizabeth has two nicknames, during her childhood, her parents and other close family members called her Lilibeth and her husband Prince Phillip called her Cabbage. Being the Queen, Elizabeth enjoys all the privileges as the head of the state. She is allowed to drive without a license, travel without a passport with the help of this agency 台胞證效期, exempted from income taxes, she cannot be arrested and so many more privileges.

Introducing Athens, Greece: The Historical Capital of Europe

One of the historical site and is known as the historical capital of Europe is Athens. Athens is actually the capital of Greece and is also the largest city of Greece. This city is known to be the oldest city in the world that is approximately 7,000 years old. As we all know, Greeks have many gods and goddesses so the name of the place Athens is derived from the name of their goddess Athens whom they believe as the goddess of wisdom.

The Athens Greece has known for its well-developed philosophy it is where you can see the Plato’s Academy and Aristotle Lyceum. This is a place of art and learning globally known for its location and great impact as for shipping, entertainment, international trade, culture, education, finance, commerce, and tourism. This city is also regarded as one of the biggest economic centers in the Southeastern Europe for its role as the large financial sector. This place is also said to be the home of civilization in the West and also the origin of democracy for its known contribution to the political and cultural impact on Europe most especially to the Romans.See this site of best catering restaurant. Look more info from here 餐飲. So nice and wonderful.

One of the strengths of  Athens is it is the home of two UNESCO world Heritage Sites. It is here where we can find the Acropolis of Athens and the medieval Daphni Monastery. Not only are these but there more many historical sites being found here in Athens. Aside from being the capital historical site, this city is also known as homes for many museums and cultural institutions.

Learning About United Kingdom Trough Facts and the Royals

During my childhood, I always heard the popularity of the United Kingdom so upon growing up I dreamed and put on my list that when I grow up, one of the places I would visit would be the United Kingdom.  To know further about this country, I read some articles about it on the internet. I found out that the United Kingdom is comprised of four countries these are England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

The UK has its 14 overseas territories and with 63. 1 million people. These four countries vary from each other according to each system of administration. Upon hearing the word the UK maybe the very first thing that comes into our minds is Queen Elizabeth who is known to be the Queen of the United Kingdom and as a matter of fact, it was Queen Elizabeth who is legally the owner of one-sixth of the earth’s land surface. The Queen Elizabeth II is also is said to be one of the longest reigning UK monarchs. The UK is being run under a unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy and it was the Queen Elizabeth II is sitting on the throne as the head of the state. Check this cleaning company.  Cleaning incorporation has been the first in serving people’s home cleanliness. Very satisfied with their service.

The United Kingdom is really a very powerful that it is the number 8th largest economy in the field of power parity and this Kingdom really contribute greatly to the world’s economy and they have best cleaning company here, read info. The United Kingdom has a total nominal GDP of $2.434 trillion, with per capita GDP of $38,591 and their total nominal GDP is ranked to be the 6th highest in the world.

The 10 Interesting Facts About Ancient Rome

One of the cities in Europe that I am very mush curious and seems very mysterious is the City of Rome. In my curiosity I tried to find facts regarding this ancient city and here are some interesting facts regarding this ancient city. According to legends, the Rome has founded on the 21st of April in the year 753 BC. Maybe you are familiar with the two brothers Romulus and Remus who are twin brothers, they were actually the one who founded Rome.

Accordingly, Romulus killed his twin brother and named the city after himself. There are also disgusting facts I found out regarding Europe. Romans claims that the reason for them to have white teeth is because they are using their urine as a form of mouthwash. It is also said that Roman toilets are risky that you might even die due to the reason that their toilets are exploding. In ancient Rome, they regard the gladiator blood as a form of medicine that it can cure epilepsy so they gathered the blood of the dead gladiator and drink their blood.

Romans even pull out the liver of the dead gladiator to eat. In ancient Rome, the gladiators and athletes do not use soap so men put oil into their body and scrape the dead cells using a residual. The sweat and scrapings were collected into a bottle and is being sold for women and women usually used this and rub into their for face to be more radiant and good-looking. Online marketing comes with the technique of making website traffic on your site. Many businesses today are engaging in using  SEO. This is all about website optimization to make more audience to view your business online.

Exploring The Famous City of Love :Paris, France

The City of Paris is the capital of France is also one of the tourist destination that I really love to travel someday. I heard a lot of good things about this place knowing that the City of Paris is widely known as the City of love. I often heard that those who are unlucky in terms of love must visit this place once to that they might find their perfect match.

The city of Paris is really a beautiful place that offers much entertainment, it is perfect for couples or someone who wants to experience new thing. The city of Paris was even regarded as one of the most important most attractive cities in the world. This is a place of opportunity as well to learn new thing, as for student to study, for business and commerce, for entertainment, enlightenment, learning about the culture, literature, paintings, educational and intellectual purposes. This place has over 12 million population. The name Paris has the meaning the City of Light during the Age of Enlightenment and its light remained alive that attracts 42 million of visitors in just a year making it for Paris to be the most visited city in the world. Have this beauty service to help you. Click and see this site Very natural beauty will be done for you.

One of the populous areas in Paris is the La Defense as the modern business district filled with light and art. This city really provides a lot of entertainment as to dine, shop, theater, and everything to enjoy life and celebrate life. The city of Paris was called the City of Love due to these many reasons and becomes even a popular honeymoon destination.

The Continent of Europe as one of the 7 Continents of the World

The seven continents of the world as we all know are Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Antarctica, Europe and Australia. Among these seven continents, the second smallest continent next to Australia is the continent of Europe that is 10,180,000, 6.7% of the Earth’s land with only 2% of the Earth’s surface. This continent is bordered with water and this continent can be divided into three regions: the Western Europe, the Central Europe and the Eastern Europe or can be divided into terms states.

This continent is situated in the Northern hemisphere has four different seasons spring, summer, autumn, and winter. This continent has 47 countries including Russia and Turkey and this is the number three most populated continent in the world with a total population of 729,000,000 in the year 2006 despite its small size. In this continent, the country of Germany and the United Kingdom plays a great role as leading and most economically advanced than the other countries. See this amazing decorating design company over here, try to visit here Most of the country here in Europe are highly urbanized that most of the historic cities are only found here.

The most commonly known countries like London, Paris France, Rome Italy, Berlin Germany, United Kingdom, Athens Greece, Russia are all belonged to this continent. This continent has a really good geographical background that is very good in farming, its forest offers a variety of resources and the climate is generally good. The rivers and waters in this continent play a big role as well for transportation and trade.

Get to Know the Richest Countries in Europe

This presents the richest countries in Europe.

Norway has a GDP capita  of $67,619. This is the richest nation in Europe and ranks at the top 10 in the whole world. The rate of their economic increase depends on the exportation of gas.

Switzerland has a GDP capita of $56,815. Although this nation is not that famous around the world, its name is shining in the list of most richest country in the world. This country depends on import of product and they are far from agriculture.

The Netherlands has GDP capita of $48,797. Their main industry depends on machinery and high technology this is why they are far from agriculture.

Ireland has a  GDP capita of $48,786. They also depend on exports and other services within the country. They also makes use of high technology to sustain their economic growth.

Austria has GDP capita of $46,906. Tourism industry is the number 1 source of economy in the nation. Austria is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe.


Denmark has a GDP capita of $45,800. This country is strong for food productions and other services in the nation. They have a large exports of products.

Sweden has a GDP capita of $46,386. They have a large exports on Timber.

France is now the one of richest nation in Europe. They have made most of the economic increase in the continent, having a GDP capita of $41,396.It i snot surprising that this country is the riches in the world because it has a lot of business products imported all over the world.


Take a Look at the Most Beautiful Countries in Europe

Take a look at the most beautiful countries in Europe.

Italy. Italy is regarded as the most beautiful country in Europe having the highest economic contribution with regards to tourism around the world. It receives a number of visitors half of its population annually. In terms of its beautiful landscapes and spectacular views, they depend on their landscapes, product of arts and architectural sites.

France. France is regarded as the garden of lovers around the world. France possesses a stunning beauty around its country.

Not only that, they are rich in production of beauty products, feminine use such as branded French bags. They are rich in wine and visitors touring around France Eifel Tower in Paris. There is no doubt the are the star in Europe. The Eifel Tower is the symbol of France and this causes people to go to France yearly.

United Kingdom. United Kingdom is a home of original cultures and royal lifestyle. They are filled with beautiful beaches, talented people, and landscapes.

Faroe Islands’ Stunning Mountain of Villingardals, Denmark

Denmark. Denmark is a simple country that is not really visited by millions and millions of people annually but it is filled with beautiful parks, beaches, and clean water.

Holland. This country is known for the most beautiful flower garden in the world. Of course, it is not just the flower garden that makes it beautiful but also its natural beauty that is hidden. Unless you visit a place, you will never know how beautiful it is.

Spain. This country is in the list, filled with arts and architecture in all its area.